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Profits for Wealth is an Online Financial Trading School. Learn how to apply right mechanics and proven strategies in Our Financial Trading School.

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Zac Harris

Zac Harris

Financial Trader, Trading Instructor, Entrepreneur, Blogger.

Zac Harris is a Founder of 2 Financial Trading Coaching companies. He has been trading the markets for over a decade now. This is our trading coaching school where he will teach you proven Financial Trading methods that have been working for himself and for a number of successful traders all around the globe for years.

He is specialized in teaching unique profit strategies to help others make a regular monthly profit/income from trading the Financial Markets.

His students (clients) are successfully achieving regular monthly profits from the strategies they have learnt.He has a proven track of valuing his clients and helping them achieve their financial goals and we hope to do the same for you.

He is passionate about what he does, and he loves to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar values and beliefs. That is why we have Zac as our main Financial Trading instructor with over 8 years of experience in teaching Financial Strategy methods.

Most courses teach strategy and little else. Any System/ Strategy is only useful if you understand the mechanics of price and how to interpret Market Dynamics and More Importantly use specific trader’s MINDSET to get the most out of your System and Strategy.

Our Mission is to teach people how to create more time for yourself and for your family by using most effective tools and strategies that will make them extra income source/extra profits from trading the Financial Markets.

Profits for Wealth Mission

Profits for Wealth is an Online Financial Trading School. Our trading strategy courses designed and created by the combined efforts of Financial Traders, expert analysts and IT experts who will show you side by side how to use the financial markets and how to follow the smart money in your favour and achieve your read more 

Financial Independence

In order to achieve Financial Independence you must develop an additional skill-sets and if you haven’t done it yet. Then do it NOW!

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